Soccer at Dr. Clark

At Dr. K. A. Clark School we want soccer to be fun and safe for all students.  In order to ensure this, the following expectations and rules are in place:


  1. When playing soccer all students will remember that they are there to have FUN!
  2. Students will use their WITS to solve problems.
  3. Students will demonstrate sportsmanship!
     - Support other players by saying "good shot" or "good try."
     - Accept calls and don't argue with supervisors.
     - Treat the other team with respect and never tease or bully.
     - No bragging
     - No trash talking
     - Don’t make other players feel bad about themselves
  4. Grades of students will play together (4s with 4s, 5s with 5s, 6s with 6s)
  5. Staff supervisors are in charge.  No arguing with supervisors.


  1. Teams need to be fair.
  2. Body contact during play is not allowed.
  3. Slide tackling is not allowed.
  4. Language must remain positive- swearing and bad language is not allowed.
  5. There can only be ONE goalie in the net at a time.
  6. Only goalies can touch the ball with their hands. 
  7. All players must stay 1 meter from the goalie at all times.
  8. No arguing with other students or adults
  9. Students need to pass the ball - one player cannot control the ball the whole time.

If students choose not to follow the expectations and/or rules for soccer at Dr. K. A. Clark School the following actions are taken:

  • The first time a supervisor talks to a student it is a warning.  The student needs to listen and adjust their behaviour so they can keep playing.
  • The second time a supervisor talks to a student they are no longer allowed to play soccer for the rest of recess.
  • If a student is not being disrespectful to the supervisors or there are multiple incidents a supervisor will refer the student to the office.
  • If the student has been referred to the office for a soccer-related incident, the student meets with either the principal or a vice-principal to review soccer expectations and rules.  They are given a final warning before being placed on a soccer contract.

Once the student is placed on a Soccer Contract there are 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: The student is placed on a soccer contract and suspended from soccer for 5 days and will only be allowed to play once the contract is signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Phase 2: The student is suspended from soccer for one month and will not be allowed to play until a meeting occurs between the student, an administrator, and a parent/guardian.
  • Phase 3: The student is suspended from soccer for the remainder of the year.