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Dr. K. A. Clark School opened on April 8, 1968, two years after the passing of Dr. Karl Clark (1888-1966).  A chemist, experimental scientist, and pioneer of bitumen separation, Dr. Clark’s prototype to refine the bitumen, led to the Oil Sands industry we know today.

Some of the amazing things offered at Dr. K. A. Clark are:

  • The Leader in Me, which emphasizes and encourages student leadership
  • PEAK soccer for students in grades 4 to 6
  • A nutritious and inclusive breakfast program
  • Triple I and Skills/VIP programming
  • Access to 21st-century technology
  • Inclusive programming to support our diverse population


Dr. K. A. Clark School is proud to serve the communities of Abasand, Draper Road, Grayling Terrace, the Lower Townsite and surrounding areas.


Chair: Linda Mywart
Vice-Chair: Jonathan Lambert
   Jason Schulz
   Lorna Spargo
   Angela Adams
   Tim O'Hara
   Malcolm Setter


Mrs. Bobbi Compton - Principal
Mrs. Abbi Easton - Vice-Principal
Mr. Robert Skulsky - Vice-Principal


We, at Dr. K.A. Clark Public School, will provide opportunities for all learners in a safe and nurturing environment, where everyone is provided the skills of leadership to achieve personal excellence through life-long learning.


Dr. K. A. Clark School will continue to be a partner in the community.