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Online Work for March 16 - March 20

By Jeff MedhurstCreated on Tuesday March 17, 2020

Hi all, 

I'll be posting the websites and instructions I would like the students to use for learning at home during the time off on this webpage. Please see these links below to websites the students can use for online learning at home during this week. For any additional information please see below them, though I'll also be sending this information to your email addresses as below. I'll be able to answer emails between 8:30 and 3:30 during the school week so if you have any questions (what to do, login info, etc.) please don't hesitate to reach out. 


Jeff Medhurst 




Get Epic: https://www.getepic.com/sign-in/educator Classroom Code: ryk6065

Reading Eggs:https://readingeggs.com/

Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/u/1/h



The first one will be Get Epic, a lot of students have had a hard time using this at home, but the trick is Get Epic is free during school hours, so from 8:30 to 3:30. If you're looking for a quiet half-hour a day, I would try and continue this at home (especially if you need the respite!). The kids have been reading novels on Get Epic for the last few weeks, so priority one should be for them to finish those, but ultimately as long as they're reading that's what matters most. As we move on I'll assign a new book every week or so to try and keep them all reading. If Get Epic is not working, please send me an email and let me know, and I'll find an alternative reading site for them.

The second one is Reading Eggs. The kids have been using this website since the start of the year but they haven't been actively using it for a little while, so they may have forgotten some of their information. If they need their login information, just send me an email. They are at levels in Reading Eggs based on their reading level, and I'd like them to just continue from where they are. I'd maybe have them do this for 30 minutes as well, though if they're enjoying it I would cap them at 60 minutes (just to limit screen time). 

The third one is on Google Classroom. This is the one I foresee having the most difficulties being completed due to the nature of it, so to preface I am okay if you are not trying to have your child work on this. I had the students learning how to write News Articles for their PAT's, and even though those are canceled now we put so much time into it and I had built a pretty comprehensive guide that I figured I could try asking students to work on it from home. When they log on to Google Classroom, they need to click on English Language Arts, and the assignment is under News Article Writing. It's titled News Article Assignment. The main document they'll need is Guide on how to Write News Articles, it's a large document with step by step instructions for what I'd like. They'll each have a copy of every prompt that is on the Classroom, and they just need to pick which one they'd like to try and then they can work directly on the document. They'll be able to find it again in their Google Drive. I did my best to be as thorough as I could be with my expectations for how I wanted them to complete the assignment in the Guide, but that being said, I know there will be some students that won't be able to complete this work without proper guidance in the classroom. If they have any questions, they can always send me an email and I am more than happy to answer to the best of my ability. If for some students, its just not happening, that is okay. Like I said nothing is being graded or marked, this is more for their own benefit and to keep giving them practice. If you are having your child try this, it's up to you how much per day you'd like them to work on it, in class they'd be receiving roughly 30-45 minutes per day to work on it, so something in that time range would be suitable. 

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