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Dr. Clark Teacher to Receive Award

Dr. Clark Teacher to Receive Award

Mrs. Lucas with her student drummersMrs. Lucas with her student drummers

Congratulations to Dr. K.A. Clark school counsellor, Eileen Lucas as a recipient of the Indspire Award for Language, Culture and Traditions. This is a national-level award. Mrs. Lucas contributes to our school in many ways, including leading the Aboriginal Drumming and Leadership group.

Congratulations Mrs. Lucas, this award is well-deserved!

Indspire Awards: Celebrating Indigenous Achievement

Representing the highest honour the Indigenous community bestows upon its own achievers, the Indspire Awards were created in 1993, in conjunction with the United Nation’s International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. The Awards recognize Indigenous professionals and youth who demonstrate outstanding career achievement. They promote self-esteem and pride for Indigenous communities and provide outstanding role models for Indigenous youth.

More information on Indspire can be found at Indspire.ca.