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Morissa Fudge

My name is Morissa Fudge. I have been working as an educational assistant for five years, I graduated from Keyano College. I received my educational assistant certificate in 2016, the year of the Fort McMurray wildfire was also the year I started my dream job. I am currently working in the grade six classroom, My main focus is a boy with Autism I was assigned with last school year as well. I am very happy I get to work with him again this school year for his last year at Dr. Clark before he goes to high school. I am very proud of all the progress we have made together by keeping consistency and routine. I look forward to watching both him and I learn, grow and have so much fun this school year! One of the philosophies I live by in my work and my day to day life is “the key to success is consistency”. I absolutely love my job and although some days are challenging, some days are rewarding, every day is a learning experience.