Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Photo of Mark Dolmont

Dr. Mark Dolmont


Phone: (780) 743-2444 extension 4103

Photo of Abbi Easton

Ms. Abbi Easton

Vice Principal

Phone: 780.743.2444 or 780.799.7906

Photo of Nazia Hiscock

Ms. Nazia Hiscock

Vice Principal

Phone: (780) 743-2444 extension 4104

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Stephanie Pittman

Stephanie Pittman

placeholder image for Crystal Sali

Crystal Sali


Photo of Kim Perreault

Kim Perreault


Phone: 780-743-2444

Special Education Teachers

Photo of Cathy Lloyd

Cathy Lloyd


Photo of Stephanie Harmer

Stephanie Harmer

III Program


Photo of Lisa Doiron

Lisa Doiron

Guidance Counsellor

Phone: 780-743-2444


Photo of Hilary Banks

Hilary Banks

Grade 5

Photo of Dominique Blais

Dominique Blais


Photo of Wendy Bourgeau

Wendy Bourgeau


Photo of Shelley Dean

Shelley Dean

Grade 1

Photo of Rod Gidge

Rod Gidge

Grade 2

Phone: 780-743-2444

placeholder image for Lindsey Greatrix

Lindsey Greatrix

Grade 3

placeholder image for Taneille Haines-Reid

Taneille Haines-Reid

Grade 1/2

Photo of Alyssa Hennigar

Alyssa Hennigar

Physical Education

Photo of Sandra Houston

Sandra Houston

Grade 4

placeholder image for Kailee Ingram

Kailee Ingram

Grade 6

Photo of Tami Kane

Tami Kane

Grade 6

Photo of Miranda King

Miranda King

Grade 1

Photo of Kim Klath

Kim Klath

Junior Skills

Photo of Robyn Kuseler

Robyn Kuseler


Photo of Tamara LeSage

Tamara LeSage

Junior Skills

Photo of Christine Littman

Christine Littman

Grade 3

Phone: 780-743-2444

Photo of Jeff Medhurst

Jeff Medhurst

Grade 5

Photo of Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson

Grade 4

Photo of Lea Semenoff

Lea Semenoff

Grade 2

Phone: 780-742-2444 (ext 4130)

Photo of Katelyn Torraville

Katelyn Torraville

Grade 1

Photo of Veronica Wood

Veronica Wood

Music Education

Photo of Jill Young

Jill Young


Educational Assistants

placeholder image for Shauna Austin

Shauna Austin

Photo of Diandra Caruso

Diandra Caruso

Photo of Elaine Elliott

Elaine Elliott

Photo of Colette Farahani

Colette Farahani

placeholder image for Morissa Fudge

Morissa Fudge

Photo of Sheila Hardy

Sheila Hardy

Photo of Tammy Hayter

Tammy Hayter

placeholder image for Amanda Hurley

Amanda Hurley

placeholder image for Carla Landry

Carla Landry

Photo of Krissy Murphy

Krissy Murphy

Photo of Wendy Pope

Wendy Pope

Photo of Mel Shelley

Mel Shelley

placeholder image for Kayla Wakeling

Kayla Wakeling