Staff Directory

Staff Directory


Photo of Robert Skulsky

Mr. Robert Skulsky


Phone: 780.743.2444

Photo of Bobbi Compton

Mrs. Bobbi Compton


Phone: 780.743.2444

Photo of Abbi Easton

Mrs. Abbi Easton

Vice Principal

Phone: 780.743.2444

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Stephanie Pittman

Stephanie Pittman

Head Secretary

Phone: 780.743.2444

Photo of Crystal Sali

Mrs. Crystal Sali


Phone: 780.743.2444


Photo of Kim Perreault

Kim Perreault


Phone: 780-743-2444

Learning Assistance Teachers

Photo of Cathy Lloyd

Cathy Lloyd


Photo of Stephanie Harmer

Stephanie Harmer

Triple I Program Coordinator


Photo of Lisa Doiron

Lisa Doiron

Guidance Counsellor

Phone: 780-743-2444


Photo of Hilary Banks

Hilary Banks

Grade 5

Photo of Wendy Bourgeau

Wendy Bourgeau


Photo of Shelley Dean

Shelley Dean

Grade 1

Photo of Sandy Dhillon

Sandy Dhillon

Grade 3

Photo of Rod Gidge

Rod Gidge

Grade 2

placeholder image for Taneille Haines-Reid

Taneille Haines-Reid

Grade 2

Photo of Alyssa Hennigar

Alyssa Hennigar

Physical Education

Photo of Sandra Houston

Sandra Houston

Grade 4/5

Photo of Tami Kane

Tami Kane

Grade 6

Photo of Miranda King

Miranda King

Grade 1

Photo of Robyn Kuseler

Robyn Kuseler


Photo of Tania Lavallee

Tania Lavallee

Grade 3

Photo of Tamara LeSage

Tamara LeSage

Junior Skills

Photo of Christine Littman

Christine Littman

Grade 3

Photo of Jeff Medhurst

Jeff Medhurst

Grade 6

Photo of Courtney Robinson

Courtney Robinson

Grade 4

Photo of Katelyn Torraville

Katelyn Torraville

Grade 1

Photo of Marsha Turpin

Marsha Turpin

Photo of Robin Wemyss

Robin Wemyss


Photo of Veronica Wood

Veronica Wood

Music Education

Photo of Jill Young

Jill Young